November 3, 2010

Triangular Bead Crochet Ropes

It's done

is now complete and available from Bead Patterns as an e-book for $19.95.

It has take me 5 years of procrastination, trial and error crocheting, and collaboration on a software design program to bring this book to actuality. It contains a new way of graphing rope patterns; one that allows you to see your patterns as they really are. This is a stepping stone to being able to design patterns that run parallel to a rope, especially dimensional ropes. Flat Caterpillars, Triangular ropes, Square ropes and other parallel patterns will be easier to see on the Zipper Graph.
Comments and photos of what you crochet using this book will be welcomed. As it was designed as an e-book, I did not include a gallery. I would like to put a Gallery on Bead Line Studios web site. So, please let me see what you come up with using this information.
...and now I can pack for Arizona and a couple of weeks vacation on-the-road.

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