March 27, 2013

Circus Bangles ~ April 1st!

April 1st (no fooling) sign up ~ starting April 12th
 The Circus Bangle String-Along is starting to head for the big city and gather in a group of bead crocheters. If you've not seen it, here is an informational FLYER.

I'm already testing patterns and bead combinations and liking what I'm seeing them do.  I had an idea and I'd better make sure it works before I tell a whole bunch of people "here it is, crochet it"!  Colors, well I have no end to opaque, primary colored beads in all sizes.  They are some of my favorites to work with - laugh-out-loud circus colors. 

A bangle needs to be stiff so I think a 10/0 Delica will help give me more of a stiff bracelet than my usual flexible ones. 

 My backup crocheter and tester, Terri, says that plain 11's and Miyuki drops will work... they will just be more subtle and not as spiky a bangle.

Wire, I'm wondering if I'll need to wire my bangles as I crochet so loose?  Memory wire?  It's a thought.

Somebody, who wants to get a jump on getting organized, asked about using long Magatamas.  Well, I hadn't thought of them as shaped edge beads, they should work, but I'm not going to have time to try them out.  If you don't string them right you get sort of a wonky chaos.  That describes my beading table, but I don't think I want it for a bangle bracelet.


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    1. there will be a sign up link right here on this blog on Monday 4/1/13