August 16, 2013

Kearsarge Indian Museum

 We took a trip today to Warner NH to visit the Indian Museum. It's pretty much one man's collection turned into a local museum.

 "...Bud and his wife, Nancy, Co-founders of Mt. Kearsarge Indian Museum. The Thompsons were deeply troubled by the harm being done to the environment by greed and apathyWith the help of friends, Bud and Nancy set in motion a plan to create a unique museum, not just a mausoleum of artifacts, but an education and cultural center."

I found this loom set up quite interesting.  Although this shows it being used with quills, it would make a great portable loom.

Interesting that the quills all poke out the back side as the piece is being worked.

Huron, Micmac, Maliseet moosehair embroidery work

I didn't know that Moose had such long hair.  Nor did I know that it was used to embroider things.

beautifully delicate work.

It was one of those perfect days to be out and about in New England.