June 30, 2015

Printed Native Stripes

As of July 5, 2015 it's live on Amazon and you can purchase your own printed copy ... enjoy

Give it a week and the last of the String Along files will be ready to have printed copies from Amazon.  I'm just waiting for a proof copy.  This is still one of my happy pieces even if I've seen ropes done in elegant colors.  You can see what others have done on Pinterest.

I'll let you know when it's ready

Bling & Color

I was talking to a new beader and mentioned that I wasn't a big fan of things that expensively sparkled and glittered. I much prefer the Czech Fire Polish crystals as the Czech seem to come up with the most luscious of colors.

Then as I was sorting out an attic box I found my inherited purse - It does glitter very nicely -  I guess I do have an odd piece here and there of blingy, faceted glittering stones.

The construction is fascinating and it's quite heavy.

It's fun to take out and just admire.

 These are a few Fire Polished crystals that I picked up in Tucson this February.  See what I mean about great colors.  I'll take the color over the sparkle any day.