December 31, 2017

Change - good & bad

When life hands you lemons (big lemons) make lots of lemonade. I hope 2018 is a stable, happy year and that 2017 is done with. It's been a year of radical changes for me.

Have you ever seen lemons this big? This tree is in my new Tucson yard.

In short, I became a widow for the second time in my life. I bought a small mobile home in a Tucson 55+ community, got rid of better than half of my physical "stuff" and moved myself to Tucson, Arizona.  

Part of the reason for the move was to be closer to decent medical facilities.  In Tombstone it took 1/2 hr for an ambulance to arrive at the house and then a helicopter ride to a Tucson hospital for my companion.  My COPD also needs better medical professionals.  Getting old certainly is not for wimps! 

So off to Tucson I've gone and am trying to fit 73 years of life possessions into a 700 sq. ft. home I bought up in the land of the saguaro cactus.

Yes, I kept and moved every last one of my beads which I'm trying to organize into the new studio.  

It's been 18 months since I've put needle and thread to a bead.  

However, the beading doldrums didn't shut down the buying of beads.  Hopefully 2018 will turn some of the old and new beads into beadwork.

Daggers and orange crystals - unbeatable combination

I'm not sure when all the boxes will finally get unpacked.  I've made plans to enjoy the Tucson Gem Shows in early Feb.  Then there are still some house remodeling to finish up.  Can you believe someone painted a tub with house paint?

I thought my life had a plan for growing old gracefully.  Then WHAM, everything zigged and zagged. It's going to be an interesting ride now that 2017 is over and done with.

Happy New Year 
and may 2018 treat all of you well.