November 29, 2015

No dogs, No cats, No birds

I say that I don't have pets, but this Cactus Wren sure makes herself right to home.  If I happen to leave the back door open she flies in, down the hall and gets a drink from the kitchen sink.  Then she diligently checks all of the window sills for spiders and bugs.  

Yesterday she visited and saw the tray of seed beads on the work table.

 She landed, pecked and went scratch, scratch, scratch - oh my, seed beads all over the place!
       I yelled
              she left in a hurry
                      I cleaned up!
Guess they were not good to eat but, sure looked like a pile of seed.

These are new etched size 8/0 Czech seed beads from Bead & Glass.
Aren't they beautiful beads? Amy panders to my seed bead needs.

I Should have been working on this, the next section for Garden Stripes String-Along.  I just had to see if the etched 8's looked like I envisioned when they were strung and crocheted.

Yes, I do get easily distracted, however at least I didn't reorganize my underwear drawer this time.