April 21, 2013

Small Town Circus

We went to look at a small local circus because I'm doing a circus themed bead crochet string-along....... Two hours to put it all up and 2 hours to take it all down..... then on to the next small town.  
4/20 - Safford, AZ
4/21 - Bisbee, AZ
4/22 - St. David, AZ
4/23 - Douglas, AZ
4/24 - Marana, AZ
4/25 - Eloy, AZ

For attractions there was a food trailer, two bouncy houses and a pony ride ......  No animals larger than a horse and I didn't see any evidence of the bird/pigeon act - The cotton candy machine wasn't working and there were no sideshows to be seen.

If one wanted to go RV'ing with a job, then joining a small circus might be the way to go.  Four hours setup/tear down + two one-hour shows and drive to the next town......

What do you think?

April 20, 2013

Circus Bangle ~ Cartwheel

Barbara's Balloon Wheel

The first bangle bracelet is called Cart Wheel after the painted wagon wheels of the antique circus.

Everyone in the String-Along group has been so busy that it would take me forever to describe all of the examples.  Let me say that the color and bead combinations are just fantastic.   Enjoy looking at all of these possibilities.

Fran's Version #1
Some of the edge beads have overly large hips and ruffle.  They need to be alternated with something a bit smaller.

Linda's Bangle

Marlene's Circus

Susan K's Cotton Candy

Toni's Cutie Pie
Barbara W's Bright Lights

Betty's Bangle

Betty's Bright Bangle

Terri's Lentil Bangle

Bette's Bangle

April 17, 2013

Circus Bangles ~ Testing

The Circus Bangle String-Along is moving.....  We've all run away and joined the circus, a beady circus that is.  Like any handiwork, many people have a need to swatch or test the beads, thread and tension before they start an actual piece.
I wanted you to see Marlene's test bangle, but you need to see the whole presentation on her blog. 
CLICK HERE  - Isn't that just great circus presentation?

Marty claims she used up some ugly beads in her test piece.  Looks pretty nice to me and the bonus is that size 8/0 beads and lentils will work just as well as the called for 10/0 Delicas.
Ellen always saves bead crochet projects for the NH Bead Retreat and this is what she did with her testing.  I love the green and yellow combination.

Susan wasn't happy with the hips on her drops and the way they tended to ruffle. She got a bit creative and used an 8/0 in between each drop to solve the problem.  It keeps the spirit of the design, but makes the beads behave a bit better.

Now some of the participants are even getting creative with finding circus props.  Guess I'll have to haunt my local thrift store too.

Terri, who is editing this string-along, had to try out the pattern in 11/0 and Miyuki drops.  See, generally any of my designs will work in most any size bead.

The square piece is a 1" embellished square of glass with paper design - clever, no?

Everyone is working on the first of the four real bangles and we've agreed that the more you can stack together, the better they will all look.

April 1, 2013

Circus Bangle Registration

     Welcome to another  String-Along
General Registration
You have to sign yourself up via PayPal  "BUY NOW" below... I can't do it for you.

This one is going to last one month and we're going to make a set of four Circus Bangles. If you need to review the initial flyer CLICK HERE

Once your payment has gone through, you will receive a welcome email and instructions on how to join the FaceBook group. Have Fun - it isn't a race

Cost: $28 via PayPal

Sold Out 
the fun begins