October 23, 2015

Garden Stripes is closed

The String-Along is fully subscribed and is closed.  
Now we begin.....

We are all looking at colors and trying to come up with a set that we think will work.  I said "3 graduated light or dark colors for the trellis".  One participant said her work table looked like it exploded with green bead colors and she still couldn't find what she wanted.  

How often do you look at the beads you own and determine that a shopping trip is needed because you don't have the right color? 

October 20, 2015

Garden Stripes Registration

It's time to sign up for this journey of discovery.
Gremlin/problem with PayPal button fixed - 12:30 AZ time

Sign-Ups are now closed as of Friday, October 23, 2015

Check out more information as to what we are going to be doing on this flyer . . . .

It will cost you $38 to join and crochet two ropes that have no patterns yet.  What do you think . . . a dark background or a nice pearl background?  You get to make all sorts of color choices - or use my colors.
This is a ten week project for the intermediate to advanced slip-stitch bead crocheter.  There will be no how to bead crochet instructions. However, when we're done, you'll be very comfortable adding in thread and beads as well as working from sectional graphs or charts. 

                                .... then let the fun begin

October 13, 2015

Garden Stripes ~ String-Along

We are about to embark on another String Along.  This string-along will take its inspiration from a cottage garden. There will be two 45" necklaces, designed, strung and crocheted in multiple sections over an approximate 10 week period. I have ideas, but nothing has been designed yet - that's why this is a "string along with me" as I create week by week.

Find out the details in this PDF Flyer

There will be trellises to hold up vines and serve as a background for all the flowers. Then there will be flowers, lots of brightly colored flowers to plant on one of your necklaces.

Will you make a pale necklace set, a bold dark background set or create your garden in never before seen neon colors? We are going to talk about our inspirations, ideas and colors on a FaceBook Group.

So mark your calendars to sign up on October 20, 2015.  We'll be starting the actual crocheting on Halloween weekend, October 30th.  Room is limited to 40 participants, with preference given first to the last group of crocheters.