February 21, 2013

Tombstone Blizzard

 It's the most snow I've seen in the past 12 years that I've been coming to Tombstone for the winter.  It's pretty to look at as I know I won't have to shovel and it will melt rather quickly.

The Blizzard has given everybody around here something to talk about!  We topped out at about 5" of snow.

Wednesday's white out conditions.  The Courthouse seen over my fence.

The sun broke through the clouds last night just in time to go down.

This morning it was white everywhere you looked.  Very blue skies as seen from my front door.

My impromptu sculpture on the old elm stump.

Front entryway.

I've never seen enough snow to have it curve off of a roof this way.  Make that, enough snow here in southern Arizona....

... or a pile of icicles.

I'll enjoy looking at it, but I don't think I'll go out and play in it.  It's too deep for any shoes I own.

February 18, 2013

New Beads ~ Duos

 I had a few of the new Czech Twins and Duos last year and had some time to try working with them.  At the Tucson Gem Shows I did take the opportunity to stock up on a lot more colors.  Don't you love the shock of the neon brights and the subtly of the Picasso colors?

These beads work up quickly into beaded beads to slip over a bead crocheted rope or as a button shape.  I need to do a couple more rope beaded beads but will continue the Delica edging through the center as a tube to help stabilize the overall shape.

The most interesting discovery is that you can use the BCPD Software to help design patterns for Duo Ropes. My Computer Partner has this bright idea and tried it out.  He needed a bit of help with getting his thread paths sorted out, but overall is pleased with the results of the experiment.

 If you want quick gratification, these beads are just perfect.  Due to their size, a project works up very quickly.  However they also have some elegance to them and are not just a bunch of large chunky big beads.

February 14, 2013

Tucson Gem Show Report 2013

I didn't have the stamina to walk all the aisles of the shows I normally visit.  This year I made a list and went and saw individual vendors.

Of course one still has to walk by a lot of very pretty things to get where one needs to go.

If I had my way, every sphere I saw like this would be in my back yard.

 Fish, seems as if everywhere I looked there were fish -- fish rock sculptures, fish fossils, fish beads.... lots of fish.

 The 22ND Street show is just three years old now and has some of the most interesting & beautiful fossils.  This show has become one of my "must visit shows" for pure enjoyment.

 Forerunner of a Giant Stag and possibly Moose
Giant turtle

Then there are the beads.....  at $1/strand these might not be the best quality, but there were a lot to pick from and some decent strands could be found.

I indulged in a few strands of Amber.  From the price and the look I'd say they are copal not amber.   Copal is not the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature, more recent tree resin.

Oh, I did a goodly job of spending my budget this year.  I specifically went looking for examples of the newest 2-hole and other Czech shapes. Two-hole lentils.... now just what can one do with such a fascinating bead shape?

Neon-bright, florescent colors seemed to be the theme this year.  Anything from 2-hole Czech Twin beads to oriental rubberized larger beads.  I'd turn around and there were the flashes of the overly bright colors.

Arizona Chilly

It hasn't been HOT here in Arizona at all this winter.  As a matter of fact, it's now snowed twice and had 10 days of temps in the teens.  

 The first snow was a pretty dusting and gone as soon as the sun came up.

Then, in the middle of all of the Gem Shows in Tucson, we got a little over 2" of fluffy white stuff.  As long as I didn't have to go out in it it was quite pretty . . . for a long as a day and a half.

Bob Block's photo
So, to add to the chilly, my Sister opened an ice cream parlor down on Allen St. in Tombstone. It's adjacent to her Mercantile.  Next time you're in town, stop in for a malted, sundae, sandwich, or bowl of chili.

Close my eyes sitting on one of those stools and it takes me back to the 1950's in Virden IL where my Uncle Bert had a soda fountain and always had a streak of grape syrup in his white hair from fixing something.

Must be something in the genes as the other side of my family had a small chain of hamburger joints about the same time near St Louis MO.

Not for me. . . food service is a lot of hard work.  I think I'll stick to beads and beading.