June 10, 2016

Bead Society of New Hampshire

March 2001 in Antrim NH

We called it a "Bead Cave", it was held at my house, organized by Marney.......but it was also the seed from which the Bead Society was born.

Today I received this communique from Gail Devoid, the current President,
"The Bead Society of New Hampshire has made you an honorary life member for all your contributions. Congratulations!"

I feel very honoured as the Society has always been close to my heart in many ways over the past 15 years.  I sorely miss the meetings and interactions with all the old friends amongst the membership.  
Arizona treats my health quite well, even with 112 degree summer days, but New Hampshire will always be home.
   Beads Rule!

March 29, 2016

Garden Stripes String-Along

Garden Stripes String-Along finished about a month ago, but time is all of our hardest design elements.  Some people are still working on their first necklace and a few have finished both necklaces.  I'm retired and I find I have even less time than when I had a family, job and large house..... It happens.

My first necklace had a light background - now see how others colored the patterns.

Wendy Pagent used very similar colors and did a nice bright spring-like necklace. I especially like the pop of light lime in the trellis sections.

We had a few members get overly ambitious. It amuses me as I can see myself doing the same and starting 3 necklaces in different color combinations.  The impulse didn't last too long, but will grow over time, I'm sure.

Susan Kirby did a dark background and although it's all the same patterns it has a totally different feel to it.  The two necklaces together make a nice statement piece.

Then we have Marsha Brown's necklace, singular.  She crocheted both of the necklaces together as a single piece.   She's enjoying being able to have a variety of lengths by how many times she doubles it over her head.

This is also a beautiful set of colored patterns in a mix of light & dark backgrounds.

I seem way behind finishing up things to get an e-book of the patterns done.  I'm not complaining, but RA health issues as well as cumulative years on this planet sure slows a body way down.  Meanwhile, enjoy these excellent examples of what people can do with beads, thread and a crochet hook.

November 29, 2015

No dogs, No cats, No birds

I say that I don't have pets, but this Cactus Wren sure makes herself right to home.  If I happen to leave the back door open she flies in, down the hall and gets a drink from the kitchen sink.  Then she diligently checks all of the window sills for spiders and bugs.  

Yesterday she visited and saw the tray of seed beads on the work table.

 She landed, pecked and went scratch, scratch, scratch - oh my, seed beads all over the place!
       I yelled
              she left in a hurry
                      I cleaned up!
Guess they were not good to eat but, sure looked like a pile of seed.

These are new etched size 8/0 Czech seed beads from Bead & Glass.
Aren't they beautiful beads? Amy panders to my seed bead needs.

I Should have been working on this, the next section for Garden Stripes String-Along.  I just had to see if the etched 8's looked like I envisioned when they were strung and crocheted.

Yes, I do get easily distracted, however at least I didn't reorganize my underwear drawer this time.

October 23, 2015

Garden Stripes is closed

The String-Along is fully subscribed and is closed.  
Now we begin.....

We are all looking at colors and trying to come up with a set that we think will work.  I said "3 graduated light or dark colors for the trellis".  One participant said her work table looked like it exploded with green bead colors and she still couldn't find what she wanted.  

How often do you look at the beads you own and determine that a shopping trip is needed because you don't have the right color?