August 25, 2008

3 necklaces

I've finally finished the last of the three necklaces that I was crocheting for my personal use.

Now I'm all set to go with either one,

or two

or all three - in a nice bulky bundle...

Funny how photos come out... same location, same camera, taken seconds apart and different color hues. The first one is probably the closest to real life colors.

August 24, 2008

Superior Seasons finished

I finally got the finishing touches on the Bead Journal piece that I started several weeks ago. I'm very pleased with how the lake stones look against the beadwork. From top left, the stones stand for Spring, Summer, Fall and winter. The copper Etal backing does a nice job of representing the Copper Country of Upper Michigan. Now I have a total of 6 pieces to back - not the year's worth that I had hoped to have, but given the hecticness of the past year, a respectable amount.

August 3, 2008

I should be Cleaning

This button has been on my ice-box for at least 30 years! I started out this morning with good intentions - to spring house clean underneath the furniture.....

Long story, short:

I picked up the bag of small beach stones that I had collected on the shores of Lake Superior this Spring. I washed them and put them into a glass bowl. Does washing rocks qualify as house cleaning?

I sorted out the very smooth, thin, small ones thinking they might be a good cab substitutes in future bead work.

I guess that future became today as I couldn't resist, grabbed the E-6000 and glued several down onto an Etal backing I had cut for my Bead Journal Project. As soon as the glue dries enough, I will circle each stone with 2 to 4 rows of beads in colors that represent (top left to lower right) Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I've already named this piece: "Superior Seasons".

I had to drop out of the formal project that Robin started, but this instance told me that it might be OK to Bead Journal when something like this pops up. I need to find a brass rod, finish backing the BJP pieces that I did get done and hang everything, leaving room for a few more pieces that may come along as the mood strikes me.

P.S. house still isn't cleaned. There is always tomorrow!