November 30, 2012

Kilim - West of the Mississippi

 When I left New Hampshire, this is what the back yard looked like.  I was wearing socks with my flip-flops, yes, indeed, I was.
This is what Tombstone looked like when I drove into town.  No socks with my flip-flops when the temps are 70+ during the day.
 Texas, Ah, Texas, where it takes three days of driving to get across the state.

Too bad we had to be in Tombstone for Thanksgiving and couldn't dawdle anywhere.  Wonder what they sell in this Texas store?

3,160 miles in 12 days
The last leg took us through;
New Mexico

I thoroughly enjoyed having Kilim traveling with me.  It's booklet has all sorts of notes of good wishes written in it.  

I'll be sorry to see it go on, but I want to see it visit all 50 states - 34 more to go. 

Kilim - Traveling Bracelet in NOLA

 We got into New Orleans the afternoon of Nov. 15th.

It was a very long drive across the Lake Pontchartrain causeway.

Bev Herman of No Easy Beads is one of my oldest beading friends.  We just do not get to spend the time together that we would like to.

She needed some positiveness in her life so I turned the bracelet over to her for the 4 days we were in New Orleans.

We ate good things, played with beads, giggled, talked a lot and visited another beader in Baton Rouge.  I'll let Bev tell the tale of New Orleans.

Kilim - Traveling Bracelet in the East

I had very good intentions... intentions of taking a photo of every new state we crossed into.  

My new camera didn't like that idea at all....... it sat there and dithered around, trying to decide if it should focus on the bracelet (up close) or what was in the background (farther away).

At highway speeds, once the camera makes up it's mind, it's too late!

See what I mean?   We got passed by the Oscar Meyer Winermobile!

... and this is all of a photo I managed to get.

Some states had welcome centers that were still open and we could stop, walk around and take a photo or two.

I don't remember the name of this town, but I'd want to live where the water towers gave both Hot & Cold water.

You can go through a lot of states in the East in four and a half days.

New Hampshire
New York
West Virginia

November 2, 2012

Amazon Overseas

Just a little bit of excitement here as I found out that two of my books can be had both in Great Britain and the rest of Europe.  You need to do an Amazon search in your country for either of these two books.  They still are only in English, but the stringing tables and graphs are universal, no translation needed.

Triangular Bead Crochet

African Stripes 

This book is also just released as a print copy at Amazon.

November 1, 2012

Kilim - a Traveling Bracelet

 Sig Wynne-Evans is the mastermind behind the traveling bracelets.... and they keep growing in number.  Please jump over to her blog and catch up on the background.   I have been graced with Kilim, or (as I call it) the flying carpet bracelet.  I'm going to see if somehow this one can visit each and every one of the 50 states.  It's going to stay with me for more than a week as I drive from my summer studio in NH to my winter abode in AZ and then get passed off to Marcia DeCoster to complete a sea-to sea journey.

It Starts.....

Hurricane Sandy left us wet, semi-functional electronically and under heavy overcast skies.  Couldn't get on-line and the house was dreary so we took off and headed for Portsmouth NH on the Atlantic ocean. Portsmouth was incorporated as a city in 1653.  I think it is about 80 miles East of where I live.  This bracelet really had to officially start at the Eastern edge of the USA for this trip.

They were moving a crane on a barge in Portsmouth harbor.  This little piece of water has some working fishing boats in it.

 We were next to Strawberry Banke Museum, just across the water from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.  all of that green grass was water and wharves back when the dark brown building was built in the 1600's.

Then my boyfriend had to get in the act and insisted that we were so close to Maine that we had to go over the bridge into Kittery.   Quickest visit I've ever made to Maine since I moved East 40 years ago!  I can see it now..... he's going to be finagling the trip route the whole way to catch small corners of states.

But.... we can add Maine to the list of States visited.  That's two; NH & Maine. I guess I need to make a check list to keep on the blog.

Now it's time to start shutting down the house and put it into cold storage for the winter.

Oh, dear..... all of the beads need to be cleaned off of the work surfaces, put away into the cases and then packed for the trip.  Then we can hit the road .... hitting the road in 9 days.

Bracelet Side Trips......

The bracelet was sent to me early to make sure I had it before I left.  While waiting for the trip to begin, it hurried up the guys putting cedar shingles on the end of the house.

It went to the BSNH Fall Bead Retreat with me.  A lot of the gals there added notes and best wishes to the booklet that goes with the bracelet.

Lots of good karma at a bead retreat.