March 29, 2016

Garden Stripes String-Along

Garden Stripes String-Along finished about a month ago, but time is all of our hardest design elements.  Some people are still working on their first necklace and a few have finished both necklaces.  I'm retired and I find I have even less time than when I had a family, job and large house..... It happens.

My first necklace had a light background - now see how others colored the patterns.

Wendy Pagent used very similar colors and did a nice bright spring-like necklace. I especially like the pop of light lime in the trellis sections.

We had a few members get overly ambitious. It amuses me as I can see myself doing the same and starting 3 necklaces in different color combinations.  The impulse didn't last too long, but will grow over time, I'm sure.

Susan Kirby did a dark background and although it's all the same patterns it has a totally different feel to it.  The two necklaces together make a nice statement piece.

Then we have Marsha Brown's necklace, singular.  She crocheted both of the necklaces together as a single piece.   She's enjoying being able to have a variety of lengths by how many times she doubles it over her head.

This is also a beautiful set of colored patterns in a mix of light & dark backgrounds.

I seem way behind finishing up things to get an e-book of the patterns done.  I'm not complaining, but RA health issues as well as cumulative years on this planet sure slows a body way down.  Meanwhile, enjoy these excellent examples of what people can do with beads, thread and a crochet hook.