November 27, 2005

340 Lbs. Of Beads!

The bead cabinet is empty and the beads are all packed and ready to go. I had always wondered just how many beads I was hauling around. Today I had time to get the bathroom scale and weigh the bead bags. There are 9 large canvas bags and 3 small ones filled with Plano boxes of beads. So now I know.... I will be traveling with 340 lbs of beads. And still ..... I often don't seem to have the right color or right color in the right size. Does a beader ever really have enough beads?

Today I'll finish sorting and organizing the NH apartment; pack clothing, books, papers, computer, and other sundry things. I'll wrap Christmas presents and have an early Christmas dinner tonight with my children, their spouses and the grand kids. The two grandkids think that is awesome, early presents! Monday morning I'll be on the road, heading for Arizona. So far the long range weather maps are just showing some rain for Monday & Tuesday. I hope Mother Nature keeps snow away from my travel route this year.

1 comment:

  1. That's a lot of beads. And of course, it's not enough of them, either.

    Love the new picture you put at the top of the blog, btw. Goes nicely with your color scheme.

    As always, Judith, we've loved having you around for part of the year, and we're so sorry to see you go. We understand, though.

    And I urge you not to dawdle in getting back to us next year!

    Safe journey to you, and happy holidays.