March 14, 2006

I love Suprises

I was working against a deadline today, getting ad copy and program patterns ready for the Bead Cruise program booklet. Things were not going right, I deleted a critical file and was doing some big time cussing at my computer. When my mail came in I had a suprise package from a very good friend, Crystal. I opened the box and it made my day! In it was a "Tidy Tote" that her friend, Janice had made. Everyone should have one of these hanging on the edge of her work table to throw scrap & thread ends into. I guess my reputation for wearing flip-flops all year has sort of made them into my trademark. The fabric on this neat little hanging bag is very brightly colored flip-flops. Thank You Janice, I love it, it's perfect where it sits.

Leave it to Crystal to carry the theme to the extreme.... She made me a name tag with one of the fabric flip-flops and added even more flip-flop charms. Seeing as I've been procrastinating about making myself a beaded name tag, this one will sure come in handy. I didn't know there were that many of those charms out there. Crystal, you made an ugly day into a bright one.


  1. What a wonderful surprise to get in the mail. Now you are famous for two things. Your bead crochet and flip flops. One accomplished and one aquired. Hugs Bevvie

  2. The "tidy tote" is much better than the quart Zip Lock bag that I tape to the edge of my desk......And way to go on the name badge. I have 6 days to make one for the cruise - great idea!

  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    Hi Judith,
    You'll be glad to know that your two projects look great in the bead cruise program! Sorry it was giving you fits. Cool name tag, I may need to add a little sparkle and shine to mine before we set sail!