April 21, 2006

Designing Bracelet

I took me a day to do the base for this Summer Bracelet and then everything I thought I wanted to do as a surface embellishment went wrong. Monday the 5mm cubes I tried to use didn't work - they wouldn't nestle together well. (Note to self, next time try an every-other pattern.) So I took those rows out. Then I tried some beautiful blue faceted rondells and got a total surprise when I took them into the living room - they turned purple! I didn't know I had Alexandrite glass beads. Well I had half of the embellishment done when I discovered that and the purple just didn't go with the other blue accent beads. Plus, the thread kept breaking and I kept stringing the pattern wrong. Two days of struggling and not liking what I was doing; I took those top rows out. This afternoon I went looking for another bead/color combination and the bracelet you see was finished in 2 hours - it went together like a charm. I guess it was meant to be. I did discover that by using an odd number of size 11/0 beads at one edge, the dark center bead offset itself in a small zig-zag. I rather like the effect. This bracelet designed itself at the end.


  1. Very, very pretty! It reminds me of snow!

  2. Anonymous5:24 AM

    Dear Judith:
    Now that I've discovered your blog, I'll visit more often. I like the way you combine bead crochet projects with a travelogue!