May 17, 2006

West to East

It's been so dry here in Arizona that even the cactus are wilted. However, my summer home in New Hampshire seems to be under water!

I've run out of matte green 8/0 beads, so I guess I'm done with the pink/green colorway until I can replace my supply of green beads. Twist Gallery in Bisbee wanted as many pieces in this very popular color combination as I could give them for the summer. So I guess this is all that will be delivered tomorrow.

I'm getting ready to make my way cross country to my summer studio in the East. I keep thinking that it will get easier every trip to get ready - practice makes perfect, no? NO!! I've got organized and un-organized piles all over the house. I've yet to get the car in for a thorough cleaning & it's trip check-out, do a farewell dinner with my 2 sisters, advise the utilities of "shut-off" dates, plant 2 yucca's, and a multitude of other small things.

The beadroom needs the last window trim painted and all my project beads sorted back into their proper boxes. My work table is piled with left-over kits, kit supplies, bead crochet samples and tools. We won't even mention what my desk and filing piles look like.
I'm tired just thinking about what needs to be done before I close up the house for the summer.

This trip will take me through Dallas TX, Gilmer TX, Memphis TN, where I'll get in some creative beading time with Medieval Needle. Then I'll head to Louisville KY and spend a couple of days sightseeing with friends before heading to Ohio to visit my favorite dog, and winter visitor/helper, Boo. After that I'll trek across the bottom of the Great Lakes to get to New Hampshire and spend the summer with my kids & Grandkids.

Look for a mid June update of the trip.


  1. If you need a place to crash around Detroit, let me know. The spare room is ready for guests!

  2. I've been fielding questions from the girls for a few weeks already about when you'll be back - now I can tell them the planning has started, at least. :)

    Looking forward to seeing you again!