July 1, 2006

Creative Block

Claudia (who happens to live 2 towns over) mentioned it in her blog, which took me on a reading journey ....... it really hit home. I hadn't even looked at my beads, nor done any beading in over a month. My studio space needs re-organizing and put back together after the winter's living space projects done by others in my absence.
Overwhelming responsibilities has been cited as one possible cause of abulia. I think mine is overwhelming disorder..... Over the winter the stair railings got done and half of the finish flooring in my studio laid down. This meant that everything got moved out and the people doing the moving couldn't remember where things were so they just put things back - any old which way. As I started re-ordering things I decided to paint the bedroom and finish the bookcase wall under the stairs. I took apart the bookcase and piled everything in my work area. Once I had the totes of fabric out in the open I started sorting through them to see if I could reduce the volume of fabric - more piles. Then it was a search to replace the bricks with proper brackets for the bookcase and I made more piles of books and reference materials from the now defunct bookcase. When you live and work in 750 sq. ft. it's easy to let disorder quickly fill up every flat surface. Meanwhile I quit smoking and took up playing computer games to block out the mess and addictive cravings - and I've gotten nothing done. - It's a vicious circle! The worst is that I keep adding to the chaos, not ending it.

One beading friend suggested I dump a bunch of beads onto a plate and see where it takes me. This bead crochet project is what I should be working on as I need to get the second prototype done and instructions written on how to make the necklace.

And..... New Hampshire skies remain cloudy and rain is in the daily forecast. Just how much does the weather influence willpower?

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