November 6, 2007

Dreary Post

They mentioned possible snow in the mountains on the radio today! It's one of those damp chilly, depressingly gray days. I am sorely tempted to put on bright red socks with my flip-flops. Not that my feet need them, but my soul needs something bright and cheerful to offset the dripping gray outside.

If the day is sloppy, my bead room is even worse. I've piled projects and supplies willy-nilly on all of the flat surfaces. I hate thinking that I've got to start sorting out the creative messes into organization for the trip to Arizona in three weeks. For me, chaos is creative, organization isn't. I need a good 'ol SciFi transporter to whisk me and all of it West without spilling a bead. I'm not even in the mood to start any of the many projects running through my mind as I'm imagining having to also pack them up for the trip.


  1. Where did the time go? That has got to be the hardest part of the trip. Packing and unpacking the beads.

  2. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I would swear that picture of your work area is of my work area. I've been beading for a show pretty much non-stop the past several weeks and as much as more work surface would have been nice, I was on such a roll beading that I did not want to stop long enough to clean up.

    My cats are very cooperative and never disturb the precarious piles I create.