December 30, 2007

2007 West - Ahead of the Storms

It had already snowed in NH before I left for my rather quick 3,346 mile drive to Arizona for the winter.


Arizona did greet me with a spectacular sunset when I arrived in the desert.

I took a northerly route along the bottom of the Great Lakes and luck was with me as I hit only one day of rain and one night of "almost snow" in Ohio.

It was in Ohio that I kept seeing these signs along the Turnpike and had this mental image of a great visible joke strike me ...... Yea, weird sense of humor here....

...Man in trench coat standing beside the highway... and well, you visualize the rest of it!

In Chicago I saw exactly what I want to tow behind my Element one of these days. How great to have a teardrop trailer painted orange (with flames, of course) following along behind my Honda "lunchbox"!

After visiting with old friends in Chicago I headed directly South with a side trip to Metropolis Illinois to see Superman's home town.

Small town in the Midwest with this great huge statue in the center of town and Superman memorabilia all over.

I ended up staying over an extra day in Memphis to go to the Memphis Roller Derby Season Opener. It was the Prisskilla Prezleys Vs. Legion of Zoom and the Angels of Death Vs. Women of Mass Destruction. Go look at their site for some great stories and better photos than I managed to take. A good friend of mine has become a referee for the league and it was a "must see" event.

What a raucous, fun evening out - and ..NO, nothing is staged, they are one rough bunch of women!

Heading West through Texas always seems like the longest part of the drive. Due to "life in general", the beadtrekers did not manage to get together for a bead cave this trip. I was sorry to not be able to bead, laugh and eat with the bunch this time around. Hopefully in the Spring we'll have better luck.

Texas is usually good for some great photos. I'd never seen highway signs being delivered before and the boxcar art was really neat.

I had to make an overnight stop in Truth or Consequences for a soak in the Hot mineral springs - they really wash the dirt from the road off of you and leave you feeling as relaxed as a wet noodle.

I had the opportunity to visit "Pinch & Swallow", a hobby space for an Albuquerque Doctor. His murals were spectacular and well worth the time spent looking .

Heading out of New Mexico towards Arizona, I saw these signs for Arrey and Derry - first one name was on top and the next sign had the other name on top - Equal Opportunity road signs.

And this gas station with a sense of humor!

Finally ... Arizona, unpacking the car, catching up on the news with my Sisters and High School friend, then stocking the pantry and settling in to vistas like this one.
I hope your holidays were as good as mine
wish you all the best for 2008


  1. Glad you made it back safely to AZ - I always enjoy your photos and posts - not to mention your fab beadwork. Happy New Year!

  2. Each trip is a new adventure and I love seeing the pictures. I really missed not seeing you this year. I hope it works out in the spring for a visit.