January 30, 2008


The other day I was at Lowe's looking for nails and screws when I came across rolls of copper flashing. What a beautiful craft medium. Lowe's carried "Top Cop" in 20' rolls, but in several different widths. The 10" wide roll I bought coat me $26.

It's a paper backed copper foil that is quite heavy but very flexible. It cuts beautifully with scissors.

It does have some sort of coating that keeps it shiny. You have to work at it with a scotch bright pad or sandpaper if you want to age it.

I found it easy to punch with a simple hole punch.

I also found that it embossed quite readily with a hard-tipped pen.

This solves my on-going problem of how to back and display my Bead Journal pages. I can now see all 12 pieces with a copper tab at the top with small copper rivets. I'd use handmade "S" hooks over a thin copper or brass rod. Simple, elegant and exactly what I wanted.

As an aside... I used most of the roll to cover the top of a bedside table and the scraps will undoubtedly show up in other projects in the future.


  1. What great ideas! I love shopping for craft materials and ideas at unusual stores.

    I just have to resist the urge to get a roll of copper now...*grin*

  2. I love this idea!!!! Good thinking!

  3. Judith I knew you would come up with a wonderful way to display your bead journal pages. The copper flashing perfect!
    Have in Tuscon!

  4. Have in what in Tucson? Have fun in Tucson!!