February 16, 2008

Tucson - Snow to Snow

It was snowing the first day I headed to Tucson to attend the Gem Shows, I cancled yesteday's trip due to the possiblity of more snow and woke up this morning to 1/2" of white stuff on the ground. Not my idea of a warm, sunny Arizona winter.

I found more cones in nickle silver, brass and copper. Now I have even more reason to finish the coral and turquoise necklace. I went from not being able to find base metal cones to having a choice.

I hadn't meant to visit Gary Wilson's booth this year as I already have a substancial stash of his unusual stones and glass. Alas and alak, I did and spent more than I had planned. This is a selection of what I got: Beautiful, non-sandard cutting and not highly polished. The interesting thing that he was doing was vintage pool ball cabs and jewelry pices. Different! How could anyone resist?

I have a standing order from my Daughter-in-law to get her something unusual every year. Nothing in the cut, faceted, sparkly area looked right for her. However one of Gary's pendants reminded me of a Wind Goddess. I paired it with black rock pearls and will string her a necklace that should get noticed whenever she wears it. I can also be assured that it will truly be a one-of-a-kind piece.

I've almost finished my latest finger woven bracelet and was wondering what to try next.

I don't have to wonder any more as I fell in love with some Czech presed glass. I'm going to use these matte daggers with large purple iris drops down the center. I think it will look like wearing bunches of grapes on my wrist.

This is the other dagger/drop combination that I bought at the same time. Wouldn't Bev, at No Easy Beads, love this color combination?
The masses plopped together like this are almost art in themselves. I may put them on the coffee table and admire them until I have time to put some of them to use.
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  1. I'd definitely be leaving those drops/dagger bead combos as art arrangements out to admire for awhile; they are beautiful! Like some kind of sea anemone, some kind of hybrid sea-floor or coral reef inhabitant type creature looking thingamajigger! Oh, one of these years I'll get to go! Utah's not that far away!

    Snow in AZ; this cold spell has been RIDICulous, I'm not surprised that a bit has crept downwards your way, as nuts as it has been. I'll try to wrangle it back up though (lol!).

    I agree that you've found the perfect pairing for that matte black pendant! I know a lapidary online who does odd things like pool balls and bowling balls (think the marvy swirly colored ones!) and such . . . I have a recycled stop light glass pendant from him that I'll be posting a necklace of soon! He tumbled it after shaping to get a beach glass look, and I love the patterning on the front; I also love that I'm pairing it with sterling silver, marcasite, blue topaz, and such; who'da thunk a stop light from somewhere in the U.S.A. would end up in such nice surroundings? Hee Hee. I definitely felt an Art Deco vibe as soon as I had the piece in hand.

    Anyway, delurking to say I love your finds, I'm living vicariously.

  2. Judith that last color combination are so my colors!! My heart breaks that I didn't get to go to Tuscon this year! Your daughter and inlaw is going to love what you picked out for her this year. I haven't touched a bead in a week and half.

  3. Oooooooh, I'm lovin' your new beads... My face color right now matches with your green dagger beads.... Nice stash! In over 20 years of beading, I've never been to Tucson... Waaaaaaah...

    Robin A.