July 5, 2008

Bead Crochet End Caps

I happened to be in Lowe's with a guy and while he was looking at stuff, I was opening drawers in the hardware aisle. I came across these soft plastic screw protectors and had to try them with my bead crochet ropes. Now, I'm not too excited by the colors, but I'm told that there are other colors out there. Gals, go bug your local Home Depot, Lowe's or hardware store and see what you can find!
The green ones I tried fit 3/8" screws and work perfectly over a 6-around rope done with 8/0's. I had to make a hole in the end for the thread to exit the top. I can see these with an attached wrapped loop for a clasp. Nice, soft feeling, non-allergenic......
The yellow ones that fit 5/16" screws would work well on smaller ropes with smaller beads. My only complaint is that they were packed 3 to a bag, but at under $1 a bag, buying two bags for 3 pair isn't too shabby.
Suprise the man in your life and ask to make a visit to a hardware store with him..... Then go look in all those hardware drawers - you never know what neat beading things you'll find.


  1. Clever idea! I've often found interesting things in the most unlikely places for me beading. You might want to visit the fishing section of a sporting goods store. All kinds of goodies there!

  2. This is SUPER! Thanks so much, Judith! :0)