August 3, 2008

I should be Cleaning

This button has been on my ice-box for at least 30 years! I started out this morning with good intentions - to spring house clean underneath the furniture.....

Long story, short:

I picked up the bag of small beach stones that I had collected on the shores of Lake Superior this Spring. I washed them and put them into a glass bowl. Does washing rocks qualify as house cleaning?

I sorted out the very smooth, thin, small ones thinking they might be a good cab substitutes in future bead work.

I guess that future became today as I couldn't resist, grabbed the E-6000 and glued several down onto an Etal backing I had cut for my Bead Journal Project. As soon as the glue dries enough, I will circle each stone with 2 to 4 rows of beads in colors that represent (top left to lower right) Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. I've already named this piece: "Superior Seasons".

I had to drop out of the formal project that Robin started, but this instance told me that it might be OK to Bead Journal when something like this pops up. I need to find a brass rod, finish backing the BJP pieces that I did get done and hang everything, leaving room for a few more pieces that may come along as the mood strikes me.

P.S. house still isn't cleaned. There is always tomorrow!

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  1. Nice name for your collection...cannot wait to see the finished projects!