September 5, 2008

House Hunting

I've been house hunting for larger summer quarters. Haven't found what I want, but I've run across a few places that I could have lived in. We're looking for a rural loft for 2 small businesses with smallish living quarters attached.

Anaconda MT has a 1920's building that was a drugstore and then a theater in the 40's. Loads of original interior things are still there. The price was right, but too far away from NH.

I like to travel, but there just wasn't enough space in this caboose converted to an efficiency apartment. The price included a rail move once a year.

This old firehouse just north of me in NH had great possibilities. It had the right open span space on the lower floor and a great apartment above. The drawback was that the building sat on a lot that was just 3' larger than the building... no septic system or well. I could deal with a chemical toilet, but finding a shower elsewhere was a real problem.

We drove by this old school building in Erie PA and had to stop and take another look. Sigh, again it wasn't in the right state. Wouldn't it make a great studio and home?

There are a lot of loft-type places out there, but the big problem is that they all seem to be in cities. I'm needing something in the country, or at least where I can look out at green growing things rather than buildings. Meanwhile, I thought some of you might enjoy some of the more intresting places that I've run across.

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  1. What fun! I like the theater, but, yeah, it's a bit far away. :)

    I often fantasize about converting various buildings into living space and studios.