June 5, 2009

Wall & Colors

The yard at the new house has some delightful surprises. I found a large bed of Siberian Iris that was completely over-run with tall grass. The colors are something that I'll have to keep in mind for a future beading project; deep rich blues, a darkish maroon and those small splashes of yellow.

Ditch digging is not my idea of fun ...... but it had to be done before they would deliver the propane tank. I have a fondness for hot showers, so getting that fuel tank in place is at the top of the list. Before the ditch could be dug, I had to rebuild the rock wall. Building rock walls has always been therapeutic for me. I love finding the rocks that fit the spaces. This one is not as neat as I'd like it to be but it was a fill in the spaces project.

We took the time to decorate the yard. I just found out that these original, signed, flamingos have become collector's items. Now my friend, Bev over at No Easy Beads can find my house if she ever decides to come East visit. She has a long fascination with those pink birds.
After a week of moving rocks and digging out 15 years of neglect around the wall, I'm more than ready to move inside and start patching & painting the laundry room.
Propane tank delivered and in place late last evening - one task completed!

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  1. I am so glad to see a flamingo gracing your backyard! One of these days I will find my way to your new house!