December 1, 2009


Spent Thanksgiving weekend eating turkey, pie and moving. Finally got smart and hired 2 men and a truck to do the heavy things. What a difference; 3 1/2 hours and they were all done and it sure saved out backs stress and strain.

Everything is stuffed into the new house and it may well stay that way till the spring. The kitchen, bathroom and bed are functional and we need to head for Arizona right quick. Friends tell us that the first major snow storm is due a week from tomorrow. So far we've been very lucky to have had a long, warm fall. Cross your fingers that we hit the road on Sunday, as planned.

The beads will remain packed from the move and I just hope I can find all of the rest of the things that are destined for the AZ winter. No beading and probably won't be til January. At that point I need to get something done as I've been approached by a German beading magazine for a series of articles. That makes two magazines that are going to want things done early in 2010.

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  1. I hope your friends are wrong about the snowstorm. I'm not ready. Safe travels to you!