March 22, 2010

San Diego Trip

The reason for this trip to San Diego was to attend a Photo Workshop. However, that's another blog post.

Thought that crossed my mind when we went through Dateland California ..... Is it double dating if you date a date grower in Dateland?

When I started traveling across the country nine years ago I didn't see many wind mills. Now it seems as if they crop up all over the place. I love seeing them and like the idea of silent power generation.

Ahhhh, Southern California .... It has a look, feel and smell of no other part of the U.S.A. I lived in California for over 10 years and there are a lot of found memories of the state.
Palm trees, eucalyptus trees, tile roofs and gorgeous flowers and plants are everywhere.

Mission Beach .... Somehow roller coasters mean beach to me.

We drove through the Imperial Valley Sand Dune Recreational area. They filmed Star Wars here. It's miles of huge sand dunes. miles of parked campers and thousands of thousands of dollars worth of 4-wheel, buzzy toys .....
If you stepped back, it reminded me of a large disturbed ant hill with these buzzy things scooting here, there and every where.

The high of the trip was in the mountains at 4,600 feet and the low of the trip was at the Salton Sea at -262 ft. The sign for this photo identified it as "The Yacht Club" ... I guess high flying real estate development didn't take off as they wanted it to.

There was much more that I wanted to see, but as I am still recovering from an illness I didn't feel up to a lot of sight seeing. I am sorry that I had to pass up window shopping around the Studio where the workshop was held .... art stores, bead store, 20's to 60's resale shops, boutiques and several used book stores. Oh well, maybe another time as I'd go back to San Diego again.

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