May 8, 2010

Heading East

It's time to pack up the beads and head East to New Hampshire for the Summer Season. Tombstone has had it's first 90 degree temp and my Son tells me things are blooming back East. The To-Do list is getting whittled down; some things crossed off and others tabled to this winter's project list.

I finally got the last workshop done and up on CraftEdu, "Exploring the Flat Caterpillar" Now maybe the people who have voiced an interest in my classes, but couldn't get to one can have the opportunity to attend virtually.

Whew, still a steep learning curve, but so far I'm quite pleased with the results. I had to laugh as I've been feeling like a real fool - talking to myself and the computer screen. My Companion made a paper plate face, labeled it "Student" and stuck it to the wall so I could feel like I was not talking to myself! I'm not sure that helped all that much as I want to giggle at the silly paper face.

CraftEdu Faculty Logo

There are many other crafts being taught at CraftEdu, you might want to check it out. Visit and preview some classes and maybe take a free one or two. It's still building, only a week old, so more content is being added every day.

So, I'm packing the beads tomorrow and organizing for the trek across country. Monday the IBM Tech comes back for his third house call and will attempt to finally fix my main computer. It's his last chance to get it right before I pack it. Thank heavens for the laptop!

I'll be in New Hampshire by mid May and back blogging sometime in late May with a few photos and stories from the trip. This time it's to Las Cruces NM then an angle up to St. Louis, Illinois and across just under the Great Lakes.


  1. Judith - Safe trip home and an equally safe trip back in the fall. We miss you when you are not in Arizona. :-)
    Pamela, Tucson

  2. I "Tagged" you on my blog if you wanna play...someone else tagged just passing it on.