May 10, 2011

Road Trip - AZ to NH

It's time to hit the road and head for New Hampshire for the Summer. The beads are all packed and tomorrow we'll pack the trailer, car and shut down the house. Sometime in the afternoon we hope to be on the road. This trip we're going to meander north along the Arizona/New Mexican border, into Colorado and then head East. We'll visit family in Central Illinois and Chicago before driving along the Great Lakes and into New Hampshire.

Some people travel with pets, but we'll have one of our pet tomatoes with us. My Boyfriend had these great plants that he started from seed this winter in hopes of having fresh fruit before we left. Didn't happen, so he insists on taking at least one plant with us.

This is what my huge Prickly Pear cactus looks like after February's big freeze here. It used to be as tall as the house.

2 weeks ago I deep watered the plant as people were telling me that some of them just might re-grow from the roots. To my amazement, I noticed this several days ago.... New growth! Now there are at least a dozen tiny little buds of pads poking through the crusty, dead looking skin on the plant. Hopefully I'll see a rejuvenated plant when I return in the Fall.

I have lots of bead crochet strung up to work on while traveling. I'm ready to get on the road and look at some more of the beautiful country we live in. Time to shut things down and get going.


  1. Anonymous3:41 AM

    That pet tomato plant is hysterical!

  2. Don't rush, it is still freezing here! Summer just refuses to show itself!