June 15, 2011

The Creative Eye

I had to run errands today and took some time to run into one of my favorite Antique stores. I love looking at the large salvaged industrial things they have. Then I have to take a peek into the medical corner... lenses, skulls, strange things in jars, eye charts, large cast teeth, dentist chair, etc. The 3 new balls came home to join my collection. One is a hollow black wooden ball used for some old game, somewhere. The two whitish ones are crude ceramic balls, probably from an old water filtration plant here in the East. See all the little balls? I got them last year and they are "end-of-shift" marbles. The bits of leftover clay were rolled up (some with glaze bits) and thrown into the kiln at the end of a shift - not round and beautifully discolored. It's fun being creative with what many would call cast offs. How about it ceramicists - can we have some "end-of-shift" oddities for Steampunk work?

Update: this store is in Jaffery NH, "Seaver & McLellan Antiques" - they have an Etsy store

I had to look twice at this guy climbing into (or out of) a second story window. It's a printed cover up for a blanked out window. I love it when building owners have a sense of humor and then share it with the whole world.

The next time you take a walk, look around. What do you see? Is it something that strikes your funny bone or is it something that might translate into a beaded work of art. Talking to a young child often brings out things that we (as adults) no longer see. When I lived in California I realized that my daughter's education was sadly lacking one winter. She came running in, telling me, "Mommy, Mommy, there's feathers falling out of the sky!" At 5 she had never seen a snow fall before.

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  1. What an interesting find! Where is your favorite antique store?