November 6, 2011

Count Down to Arizona

It's ten days to estimated leave for Arizona time. You'd think that after 11 years of doing this I would have it all down to a science. When I put my huge schoolhouse slate board up in the hallway I finally wrote down a check list. Last year we were a couple hundred miles into the trip, wondering if we had forgotten to do ________? At least it wasn't turn off the iron as it's been a lot of years since I've ironed anything!

Now I have to sort and put away all of this.........

....and figure out how much of this I'll need.....

.... then make the beading stuff all fit into these canvas bags.
 we can pack it all into this for the trip West.

The life of a snowbird beader can get daunting at times, but I am not ready to give up my winter sun in Arizona just yet.


  1. Could you stop by my house and pick me up? I won't be much trouble I promise!
    Waaaaaaaaaaahhhh. Jealous.

  2. Stop by here for coffee and break from driving!