November 30, 2012

Kilim - West of the Mississippi

 When I left New Hampshire, this is what the back yard looked like.  I was wearing socks with my flip-flops, yes, indeed, I was.
This is what Tombstone looked like when I drove into town.  No socks with my flip-flops when the temps are 70+ during the day.
 Texas, Ah, Texas, where it takes three days of driving to get across the state.

Too bad we had to be in Tombstone for Thanksgiving and couldn't dawdle anywhere.  Wonder what they sell in this Texas store?

3,160 miles in 12 days
The last leg took us through;
New Mexico

I thoroughly enjoyed having Kilim traveling with me.  It's booklet has all sorts of notes of good wishes written in it.  

I'll be sorry to see it go on, but I want to see it visit all 50 states - 34 more to go. 


  1. Hi Judith, still hoping it will make it to Oregon into my mailbox. I enjoyed your blog of the journey.

  2. Judith,
    We stopped at Dirt Cheap on one of our trips to Tombstone.
    Marcie was with me and we bought a Plastic Flamingo bowl!