April 20, 2013

Circus Bangle ~ Cartwheel

Barbara's Balloon Wheel

The first bangle bracelet is called Cart Wheel after the painted wagon wheels of the antique circus.

Everyone in the String-Along group has been so busy that it would take me forever to describe all of the examples.  Let me say that the color and bead combinations are just fantastic.   Enjoy looking at all of these possibilities.

Fran's Version #1
Some of the edge beads have overly large hips and ruffle.  They need to be alternated with something a bit smaller.

Linda's Bangle

Marlene's Circus

Susan K's Cotton Candy

Toni's Cutie Pie
Barbara W's Bright Lights

Betty's Bangle

Betty's Bright Bangle

Terri's Lentil Bangle

Bette's Bangle


  1. These are all fabulous! Congratulatons, ladies!

  2. These are all wonderful. I have to learn to do this!

  3. Fun! Particularly love the lentil version.

  4. how beautiful your bracelet is.

  5. your beads are nice ,so your bracelet are even more beautiful.