May 11, 2013

Circus Bangle ~ String-Along

Julie's Cartwheel with Magatamas
Barbara's Ringmaster
 The String-Along is finished and participants are finishing up their Summer Bangle sets.  There are some beautiful bead and color combinations coming to light.

Julid used Magatamas for her edge beads and it reminds me of an overshot waterwheel. One could come up with some very interesting bangles this way.

Linda's Ringmaster

Roberta's Ringmaster

Terri's Ringmaster

Toni's glowing Ringmaster

The blue and white center pattern gives this a 4th of July Carnival look, doesn't it?

Linda needed only a partial pattern repeat to size her bangle correctly.  An added patch of solid black gives this a personal touch.

Just great circus colors in Roberta's bangle.

An invisible join is not always the answer.  A well done beaded bead works beautifully here.

Toni wasn't terribly happy with her colors.... however I love them.  Maybe being in High School in the early 60's when kelly green and dark blue were popular had something to do with this.

Give everybody a big hand as you enjoy their circus colors.

You can crochet your own Circus now
with the pattern set at Bead Patterns.

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