January 23, 2014

Creative Thrifting

 I had to re-set a few priorities today and the moth project goes down the list quite a ways.  Evicting the overlarge dust bunnies becomes first due to visiting Midwestern friends first of the week.  To that end we went grocery shopping to stock the pantry for guests.  Going down Highway 90 turned up a brand new thrift store.  Turns out it's a rather large, neat one somewhere between a junk store and an antique store.  Thrift stores are as hard to pass up as bead stores......
I picked up this rather nice vintage Lucite (maybe) necklace for $1 that I doubled on my wrist so I wouldn't lose it.  It's one of my favorite shades of red.  I guess I might not take it apart for the beads as I was offered better than $25 for my "wrap bracelet" while I was in Staples.  I guess it's how one sees a piece like this that makes it a specific piece of jewelry.  I now have a red wrap bracelet and later on it can be a red necklace.

I haven't taken this case of yarn tools apart yet.  I'm sure there are treasures in the pockets here and there. I'm saving the fun for after dinner.

What I can't show you yet is the 1960's storage unit I bought.  One section is wood flat files in that glorious, beautiful (ahem) late 60's orange - the other section is two-sided shelving.  I have to go back Saturday and pick it up.  I've been looking for more studio storage and I think this will fit the bill.

Now  have to get organized to go back to Phoenix. It would have been a lot easier if I'd have left my toothpaste there last weekend.... but no, I left my laptop there.  It's way too expensive to ship so a 7 hr round trip is in order tomorrow.

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  1. Love the necklace/bracelet. The colour is wonderful.

    I'm currently setting up my studio. I've had things in several places around the house and decided it was beyond time to collect them all together in one room.

    Enjoy your drive, even if it is to pick up something you left behind. (Annoying when that happens, I know.)