September 23, 2015

Moved to Arizona

Goodby New Hampshire.... The Antrim house was cleaned, put up for sale, sold and left us with 4 weeks to clean out and leave.  Whew, what a whirlwind that was.  We only took 10% of our stuff with us and it fit in a small POD and the trailer.

Thank heavens for good friends and family helping us get everything done.  Good thing too as the new owners showed up to the closing with their dog and a truck load of things to move in.

We are now permanently in Arizona and have to start doing all the change of addresses.

.... and find nooks and crannies of where to tuck our NH things into a 900 sq. ft old adobe house.  Already I'm saying, "it doesn't fit!"  I'm going to have to have a couple of house cooling sales, including an excess of beads.

Wondering now what the last chapter of my life will bring.


  1. Judith, I'm sure this chapter will only bring good things. Welcome home to Arizona!!!

  2. I am sad that you are no longer in the area even part time, but I certainly can't fault you for choosing Arizona over the wilds of New Hampshire. I am very glad I was able to take in-person classes from you when I had the chance!

    Here's to an easy settling-in and time for some new adventures that you can share with us as time meanders on. I hope that with your settling you find a little time for more string-alongs and the like - if you do I might have to reactivate my FB account to join in. (-: As always, hugs to you and yours.