August 27, 2006

Snazzy Chain Necklace

Around here they say that if you don't like the weather, "wait a bit and it will change!" Skies in New Hampshire are back to cloudy gray and it's been chilly and damp after the huge heat wave. All of the rain has made the plants grow like crazy.

I decided that I needed some real color in my life to combat the overwhelming greenness of all the jungle-like trees, underbrush and plants (weeds). My six year old Granddaughter is really impressed that I painted my park bench a bright purple. Now if I only had a lily pond I could almost believe I was sitting in Monet's garden.

I mentioned that I was working on a bead crochet project with DMC floss and beads. It's finally finished and the bugs worked out of instructions for publication. I did a pattern for all those people who want to bead crochet, but can't get their fingers around the slip-stitch tubular kind. I'm excited that "Snazzy Chains" will be in the September issue of "Bead-Patterns Magazine" . The necklace turned out to have a great feel to it - nice drape and weight without being overly heavy. The thread gives it a beautiful background sparkle that sets off the beads very nicely. In this necklace the thread color is really half of the overall design effect. The best part is that it works up very quickly. Don't we all like to do things that gives us almost instant gratification? The next one that

I'm going to do will be with one of the pale DMC metallic variegated threads and larger, chunky crystal beads. The effect should be fantastic with the ghosting of color showing through the beads.

If you make one, I'd love to see what colors you used with all of that lovely thread to choose from.


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  2. I'll definitely post a picture of my version as soon as the issue comes out AND I get to make the necklace. It looks like a fun project to use with my "odds and ends" stash.

  3. I can't wait to see the crystal beads and the metallic thread - it should be awesome!!

  4. kaylene3:38 PM

    I know it will be startling as I taught a similar necklace to a bead crochet class just recently.

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