October 10, 2006

more Fall Color notes

I was out all day yesterday and it was dark when I got home. When I got up this morning and looked out my bedroom door this is what met my astonished eyes! The kids had painted the new chicken coop. I wonder if it will influence what color eggs the hens lay? I bet they didn't even see the color combination they created as it looks totally different from the second story.

I've known the Chaunceys forever and they grow the best organic & heirloom produce around this area. I don't have a photo of it, but the other day I saw her little red pickup going down the road with the bed filled to overflowing with sunflowers. Van Gogh would have loved to paint that. Over the weekend the farm was one stop on the Wool Arts Tour. Even though the pumpkin crop was not the best this year, I enjoyed the sight of some them piled around one of New Hampshire's largest crops .... big & even bigger ROCKS! It was fun to see all of the flowers, vegetables, wool products and animals. I was almost tempted to buy yarn and knit again. Instead I petted and patted all of the beautiful yarn and roving .... then just bought already knitted alpaca socks. They will make great slippers on my AZ cement floors this winter.

This Fall, it seems as if the color keeps getting better as it changes. Mother Nature still has some of the most amazing color palates - never mind the odd touches we add in here and there.

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