October 24, 2006

This Journey of Creation - step two

I had to try my idea of putting a laminated card in the middle of my ATC card. I'm almost there but....
I don't like the background I used
I do like the way it floats in the middle of the card
I don't like bare thread on the back
I do like the way the sewing works with beads
I don't like holes around the outside edge of the card
I need to add beads to both sides of the card

So back to the drawing board - and this time I think It'll come out a lot better.

This laminated card is of San Benito de Palermo:
In Mexico, he can truly be called a "black saint" - and not so much because the subject, San Benito de Palermo, was an African - but moreso because of the reason his help is sought by the faithful. San Benito, at least at his shrine in Mexico City, is the patron saint of asassins, who pray to him that their attempts will succeed, and that they won't be caught by the police or by the family or friends of their victims!

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