November 10, 2006

Time for Change

..... Indian Summer has arrived in NH and it means that I need to start thinking about packing up my beads and heading for Arizona. Only 16 more days before I get on the road. So far the weather has been nice enough that I have not had to resort to socks with my flip-flops. However, in past years there has usually been at least one snow storm before I head out. It takes at least 2" of snow for me to put on socks and 4" for me to put on real shoes! Somehow it's easier to drive south west and leave the snow for the skiers!

My studio is in it's usual mess and the thought of sorting it all out and putting things away before packing it up can be daunting. I always find things I'd forgotten about or was looking for. Maybe if I look at the packing up as a "journey of exploration" it would be more fun than just another job to be done. But then it would take 5 times as long and I'd have to stop and admire all of the beads.

All of my deadline projects are out of the way and any beading I do now will be for my personal satisfaction. There are a couple of things I'd like to get finished and I have an idea or two that I'll probably work on while I'm on the road. The last project that I just finished was being the "star" in a "Bead Crochet Basics" instructional DVD. Very interesting, but draining process. My daughter was right when she told me, "Don't look at, or listen to yourself on tape... you're not going to like what you see or hear!" I couldn't believe that crone on the screen is really me! abba dabba Productions tells me the DVD should be out early in 2007. Watch for an announcement on Bead Line Studios.

This trip will be a little bit different as I'll have company and a co-driver. That way I'll have a chance to do some sight seeing instead of concentrating on the road. I'll be stopping over with different beaders along the way. If I don't manage to update the blog in between, look for a trip report along about the middle of December.

Arizona, here I come!


  1. Of course, the trade-off on company and a co-driver is you have to make room in the car for both your stuff and theirs!

    You'll be missed as always, Judith. All of us here in New Hampshire will look forward to your return next year!

  2. I'd LOVE to help sort through and pack your beads! Of course, if it was me having to move my stuff, I'd not want to either, and I have alot less than you, lol!

    Looking forward to the DVD, and I'm sort of your wintertime neighbor, up here in Utah!

  3. I had to put my flip flops away for shoes and socks this week. 60 degrees in New Orleans and I am looking for a winter coat. I can't wait to see how you packed your car in person. Won't be long now and we will be in Texas.