December 18, 2006

Gilmer Getaway 12-06

A Bead Cave could be defined as "an adult woman's slumber party with beads". The Gilmer Getaway happens twice a year now when I travel between my New Hampshire and Arizona studios. As many of the beadtrekers as possible gathers in Eastern Texas at Miz Marcie's house.

We bead, eat, laugh, bead....

...and catch up on everyone's news.

We all pitch in and share the cooking - and every meal is a different adventure.

...and some of us pick up knitting as a change of pace...

This trip we were lucky to have a bead stash for sale. And it was well picked over.

We all worked on various projects

Beaded ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) were the primary project that we had agreed to work on. They show cased the diverse personalities of the gathering.

This Cave gathered six of us together

Bevvie from New Orleans

Libby from Tennessee

Jackie from Texas

Judith from NH & AZ

Mel from Tennessee

We always have a hysterically grand time and can't wait for the next time that we get together.


  1. Judith,
    YOu got some wonderful pictures of our time together. It was so good to see everyone and spent time together.

  2. I'm jealous!!! I might just have to get to Sharon's house in Akron for some beading time with friends.