December 31, 2006

New Year ~ New Opportunities

I've thrown out my baggies and transferred my traveling bead crochet work to a new case. I found these great hard shelled sunglass cases in Target and they work perfectly for taking bead crochet projects along with me. There was even one in chrome that would be classy looking if it was personalized with bead embroidery on the outside.

New Opportunities ~ 2007
....and I spent the weekend cleaning out closets. I went to the Tucson thrift stores last week with my sister and managed to replace 80% of my wardrobe. Somehow after that trip, closet/pantry cleaning seemed an appropriate occupation for closing out the old year. The bead stash had already been re-organized and it was just the mundane, peripherals of my life that needed some attention. Being a generally messy, creative person I know this will not last, but I can feel good about the organization behind the closed doors for a small time.

Lately I've been seeing way too many sunrises for a confirmed Night Owl. Somehow I've gotten my wake/sleep cycle turned around. Maybe it's time to think about turning this and other perceived problems into opportunities. The turn of a new year always seems to generate those kind of thoughts ~ should I make a list - just to forget, ignore or lose it?

I thought I'd share a photo of one of my favorite Fremont Cottonwood trees. I spent Christmas Day walking with friends at the San Pedro House, which borders the San Pedro River here in Arizona. The tree's winter coloring is something that I keep thinking I'd like capture in bead work. I'll put it on my 2007 list.
Best Wishes for a very good 2007
to everyone!

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  1. Good job at cleaning out the closet. Do you know that American's wear about 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time? Just one of the tidbits of information that I learn while watching TLC on cable.

    I used to have 9 pairs of jeans - all the same. I know have 2 pairs. Sure, they are in the laundry more, but otherwise, they would just be sitting in a drawer.