March 6, 2007

Chicago...the windy city

This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit Chicago. A couple of days after I agreed to this visit I sat myself down and bemoaned the too quick "yes"! Not only did I not have a winter coat, I didn't have real shoes either. I survived the change from Arizona's 70 degrees to Chicago's 30 degrees and sharp, biting winds. Oh, but it was great to shed the heavy winter coat coming out of the Tucson airport terminal when I got home.

I found that Chicago is the home to the very first MacDonald's. Now I should have known that as I spent different years in and around the city growing up. I had fun reminiscing with a High School friend here in Arizona about going on double dates in Lake Forest and getting 4 McDonald's hamburgers and one coke with 4 straws. It was as far as allowances would stretch!

Coming around a corner and unexpectedly finding the Morton Salt building once again was a real treat. It's a sight that I remember from my childhood.

I had a fun weekend and realized that my ties to this Midwest city are stronger and longer than I had realized. Kindergarten & 1st grade in Oak Lawn; 4th & 5th grades in Highland Park, the last 3 years of High School at Ferry Hall in Lake Forest.... and many trips to the Loop to shop and then ride home with my Father. I fell in love with Chicago all over again about 8 years ago when my daughter lived there, and this trip just reaffirmed my liking for the city.

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  1. Judith I love Chicago. I have a lot of memories from trips we make to the windy city. Did you have Chicago pizza while you were. I would love a Gino's!!