March 11, 2007

Creative Chaos

The trip to cold, snowy Chicago must have done me some unrealized good as on my return to 80 degree Arizona weather, creative chaos hit... big time. Both my beading work table and large work area just seemed to erupt into royal messes and ideas have been transformed into completed projects (or parts of projects).

I have a short, but very critical "to do" list.
I need to have handouts, samples and a mindset ready to teach a Free Form Peyote Workshop next weekend in Northern Arizona. I think in the future I'm going to have to say "facilitate" rather than "teach", as a technique that has no mistakes nor any rules really cannot be taught. I've done this once before and had partial success as there are people who have a high need for symmetry. They cannot seem to let the beads flow any which way and just enjoy what happens. Now, how to put that all down on paper and then get the concept across? .... in 4 days ...
Samples, Samples, Graphs & Stringing Tables:

I'm working on my third bead crochet book and it is an arduous two year long process. All of a sudden, last week, several things clicked into place and two sections of ideas for the book finally worked out satisfactorily. So I tested, graphed, wrote and decided on bead sizes, finishes, and colors. Now they can be sent off to the bead fairies to make samples and be sure that all the components work for someone other than myself. Sigh, about half way done and I'd like to see a finished book back from the printer by the end of this year. One of these days I'm going to have to think of something to do with the yards of small sample pieces that reside in baggies and clutter my work areas.

The third critical "to do" is accounting work. Deadly dull and boring, to my way of thinking. Hopefully this creative chaos will help to get me out of my procrastination mode and get the rest of the business data entry done so I can file my 2006 taxes. Somehow, I don't think the IRS would like creative accounting..... and time is getting short ... April 15th seems to arrive faster every year.


  1. Creative accounting is fun! Just throw a few beads in with your tax return for added value :)

  2. Dianne1:01 PM

    Looking forward to the next book. I have your other two. It did take awhile and a bit of frustration but I eventually learned how to bead crochet.

    The first one book inspired me to learn, the second to design my own bracelets.

  3. I'm so releaved to know that I'm not the only one who's workspace explodes like that. Mine actually turns into a slow moving lava flow, slowly consuming each room until I beat it back with a stick!

    Looking forward to your next book. The first two are just inspiring.

    P.S. And how cruel you are to show pictures of books I don't have that now I have to go get!!! ;-)