July 12, 2007

Bead Journal Update

Life Happens

I'm still not finished with June's page because life got in the way of my beading. I've developed a case of hives that just won't go away. That led to pulling my bedroom completely apart as my first thoughts were bug bites of some sort - you know....fleas, bedbugs? Once that was done I had the bright idea that it would be a good time to really finish the bedroom - so everything was moved out and I've been putting up trim boards, patching, sanding and will now get to painting.

One thing I'm not happy with is the single orange bead holding the right side of the upper walking stick emblem down. I want to remove it, but I also know it was the first bead I stitched down. If I clip it, how do I stabilize things so the rest of the beginning stitches also don't come undone? So, I vacillate and still don't know what I'll end up doing. Oh, yes... the twig will come back and be beaded somehow to the surface when I'm done.

BUGS - July Bead Journal page

I have thought out my July page.... what else but "bugs"! A tribute to all of summer's small flying, biting things and my own recent bug episode. I've always done more of a freeform type of bead embroidery and this time I want to try coloring within the lines. I'm not sure yet if I'll use the yellow or red bug. When I'm ready to start beading, I'll print the bug design on my backing and stabilize the ink with a spray fixative. I haven't decided yet what to do with the background.... just make it a solid printed color or applique a fabric back.

Meanwhile, the medical profession is still scratching their collective heads over what is causing my hives... now going on 3 weeks.


  1. Judith,
    I sometimes clip out a section or a bead. Here's how I do it. I thread a needle and insert the threaded needle about an inch before the section I am going to rip out. I go thru all the beads leading up to the bead I'm going to clip. Most likely you'll split some threads in the beads you pass thru and doing that helps secure the beads that you will not be taking out.

    Right before I get to the bead I want to remove I snip the thread, remove the bead and then rebead that section.

    p.s. Hives: I'm so sorry you're having to deal with chronic hives. About a decade ago I had chronic hives every night for 2 yrs. If the docs can't find a reason for the hives (which is not unusual) they'll tell you they will eventually go away. Mine did and I rarely get them anymore.

    Benadryl gel does help alot. I hope you get some relief!

  2. Oh yeah, and I love your idea of the bugs.

  3. Like Vivage, I go through beads before and after trying to use backstitching so it holds better. Then you can snip off the bead you don't like. It works as I've had to do it, once when I didn't like what I had placed and another when the thread broke! I thought, oh no, and then got busy backstitching as I was NOT going to start over! Wish you well on a shorter term of hives than vivage!

  4. Just thought of this. Another idea is to leave the bead where it is and add a couple more beads or charms or flat buttons)on top of the smaller beads nearby. Just to get those creative juices flowing! ;)

  5. Am I glad I read this, I also want to take out a few beads that are not lined up correct. Thanks for the input. Isn't it great to have all this help.

  6. Dianne12:49 AM

    You could also, very carefully, crush the bead, then tuck or pull (from the back of the work) the loop of thread that will be left.

  7. I love garden bugs, most of them, look forward to seeing.

  8. I'm back again. And looking at your piece again, I rather like that bead. It looks like a doorknob waiting for you to open the door and walk through (with the walking stick?). Truly, I think it adds to your trip page instead of detracting from it.

  9. Another way to secure your work if you want to take out a few beads is to glue the threads on the back before and after the offending bead(s). I usually glue, snip, then start the new thread a few beads before the replacement and resew a few beads after, as well, just to be sure. This method is easier for me because its hard to visualize what the empty space looks like while the old bead is still there.
    I will also tell you that I have glued and snipped ... and then put the same bead back on, having discovered that its absence is worse than its presence!

  10. I have, on occasion, used glass paint, found in craft shops, to paint a new color on a bead. Hives are a very funny thing. I get hives on my face when I'm totally stressed. I must be allergic to stress. lol