June 30, 2007

Sunday on Monday

When you can set your own schedule, it's fun to be able to declare Monday a Sunday and take a drive.

After the long trip across country it's going to be fun to just take short drives and explore a few of the natural wonders right here in New Hampshire. Tucked away, in the Lakes Region is this small state park, Sculptured Rocks.

Water has carved down through
the granite and created a fantastic landscape in the bedrock. What a peaceful place to stand and listen to the gurgle of the water while you enjoy the coolness in the green woods.


There is a small bridge over the gorge that allows you to look up and down stream as well as straight down on the rock formations.



Then it's time to pick flowers. If you can't get away to take a drive and look at the scenery then a walk in the fields and woods around the house, seeing what might be blooming, and picking a few flowers can help calm an upsetting day. The bouquet also looks beautiful on the windowsill to enjoy for days to come.

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