June 14, 2008

Trip Tidbits - Signs & Buildings

Along the back roads, we saw signs, advertising and buildings that we thought interesting or amusing. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

These are really are official highway signs......

A very interesting use of an old church building. I may never think of the acronym for ARTS the same way again.

A small town commemorated their local team on the water tower, but my first thought was, "are there only small people in this town? A block over was this great house... I like pink, but a whole house, barn and garage of it?

Someone had fun painting this on the back of a building. However, you can only see it from a one-way, back alley exit from a 1950's motel.

I just spent the winter in Poncho Villa's desert in southern Arizona.... somehow putting his name with seafood is just plain funny.

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