June 10, 2008

Trip Tidbit - Bad Frog Beer

We were driving through Rose City Michigan when I saw this huge "Bad Frog Beer" sign and then a whole lot more in the window of an antique store - well, I made my co-driver stop and turn around......
I remembered a gift of Bad Frog beer bottle caps from the husband of a friend back when I was doing bottle cap bracelets. I knew it was a micro brewery and I just had to know the why of all those signs. Turns out that is where the beer started and the owner of the building was the original brew master, grew up and lives there. His original brewery was taken out by a tornado, then he contracted the beer out and that brewery got bought out and Anheuser wouldn't brew micro beers. The next one burnt down. Locals swear it's retribution for the frog with the indecent gesture. He also had a string of Bad Frog Taverns in Detroit, hence the Tavern signs. So if anyone got caps from me and they say "Rose City" around the edges, they are from the original brewery and are now highly collectible. All my caps are with my bracelet stuff in AZ so I can't go look. What fun I had in Rose City - if not for those gifted bottle caps for one of my many projects, I'd never have stopped in Rose City Michigan.

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  1. So much fun to see those signs - thanks for sharing, Judith!