December 13, 2008

in Arizona

Arrived in AZ and sure am enjoying the sunshine and weather. Especially seeing what I'm missing in NH. See what Jen has to say about the ice! Now to set the studio back up and stock the pantry. Trip photos when I get my desktop up and running and can go through what we took on the trip.

Here is a mystery. I bought 8 of these in a junk store and have no clue as to what they might be. They are brass stampings with porcelain-center knobs. One end is marked "JUDD - Pat." the other "March 1889" Thinking ... some sort of drapery hardware? Don't know what I'll do with them, but they are just mighty interesting. Does anyone have any idea of what they are?


  1. Glad you made it safely back!

    We finally got power this afternoon at about 2:30, 37 hours after it went off. In the interim, we dealt with multiple trips out on Friday to try and get basic supplies, and dropping temperatures on Friday night that made sleep an exercise in bundling up in blankets.

    We're not back to normal yet. I'm feeling pretty sick from all the stress and weather, actually. But we're getting there.

    I'll try to post an update soon.

  2. That's a fascinating bit of hardware you found. Just gave it a go at where you can search all U.S. patent records, but had no luck. The tricks would be, what search terms to use, and is that March 1889 a filing date, a patent granted date, or the inventor's daughter's birthday?

    Otherwise, Judd Manufacturing seems to be a company in Connecticut that made household hardware of various types, for what it's worth. You probably already found that much, though.

  3. Heh...still digging. Found some interesting information about the history of the Judd family and their various endeavors at manufacturing brass hardware of many types:

    Judd Family

    Looks like you could be on the right track regarding drapery hardware. Or something similar, anyhow.